Johnny and Anna recently caught up with National Geographic magazine to talk about their upcoming trip.*
*This may or may not have really happened.

NG :  So, tell me about yourselves.

J&A:  Hi!  We’re Johnny and Anna from Newport Beach, CA.  Johnny likes concerts, homebrew and San Francisco.  Anna likes boat rides, painting and ice cold Chardonnay.  We’ve left our jobs, packed up our stuff and are off to travel the world for about a year beginning May 23, 2011.

NG:  Wow!  That sounds awesome.  What’s the reason for the trip?

J&A:  It’s been a shared dream of ours ever since we first met.  We both love seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new food and drink, and all the other experiences that come with travel. It’s a big world out there full of amazing places and people, and we want to experience as much of it as we can before planting our roots with a house, career, kids, etc.
NG:  Speaking of which, when are you going to have kids?

J&A:  That’s a little personal…why don’t we stay on topic?

NG:  I’m sorry.  It’s just that both of your moms really want grandkids.  So, where will this adventure be taking you?

J&A:  Our first stop is France, and from there we’ll be making our way back home slowly but surely through Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey), South Africa, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos), Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia (Bali and Lombok).  More details can be found on the “The World Tour” page.

NG:  Must be nice.  Did you guys win the lotto?  Inherit a trust fund?  I mean, how can you afford something like this?

J&A:  This plan has been in the works for a couple years, so we’ve been saving for a while now.  We cook most meals at home, put most of our paychecks in a savings account and Johnny still drives a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport.  We are also adopting the “slow travel” approach to our trip, trying to stay in places for a week or so at a time to save money on transportation costs and bunking up with anyone and everyone we may know in the countries we are visiting.  Last but not least, we’ve lined up a couple workstays through where we work for host families in exchange for free room and board.  Right now we have workstays lined up at a farm in the south of France, a vineyard in Italy and another vineyard in New Zealand.

NG:  Sounds heady, but aren’t you worried about being gone for so long?  What are you going to do about your jobs?  This isn’t exactly the life plan for most people your age.

J&A:  Truth be told, choosing to leave everything and travel for a year wasn’t the easiest decision in the world.  We both love our home, our family and friends, and (believe it or not) our jobs.  We’re bound to have our bouts with homesickness, but luckily some of our family and friends are coming to visit us along the way.  Regarding work, Anna’s company Quiksilver was awesome enough to give her a leave of absence, and Johnny is sure to find something with his brains and good looks if he can’t go back to his old job.

NG:  Well, he is pretty good looking.  Have an awesome trip!  I can’t wait to follow your blog.

J&A:  Thanks!


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  1. Congrats!! Sounds awesome. Lets revisit the “kid question”. Sherwoods need some and the Clewett’s have a surplus. We can discuss when you return from your amazing adventure.

  2. Epic.

    Sounds like a really good time. Be sure to update the blog with all the awesom experiences you are going to have. Safe travels.

  3. Really? Really? Damn…I am sooooo jealous…what’s worse is I showed this to my wife and she is now convinced we should do the same thing…I think she forgets about our two little ones! But this is truly exciting stuff – you guys should have a blast – it’s definitely smart to do this before you have any little Sherwoods running around the house.

  4. I guess I should have called those Nat Geo guys back. Excellent intro, looking forward to keeping track of you two travel stallions on the road (beatnik pun intended). Don’t forget to bring a copy of Rush live in Quebec 1987, really got me through some long stretches cruising the back of a pick up in Laos with 18 locals!

  5. I will be living vicariously through you guys on your amazing adventures!! I am so excited for both of you and cannot wait to hear all about this incredible experience! Miss you already! xoxo

  6. Very excited (and jealous) for you guys! Have the most amazing time! Be safe! xoxo

  7. I love the blog! I can’t wait to open it ever morning and be more jealous than ever! 🙂 Have so much fun guys! xoxo

  8. Man oh man, Sherwood. The two of you are absolutely incredible. I’m so envious and happy for you at the same time. I look forward to following along via the internet.

  9. I can’t believe I said good bye to you guys last night 😦 You have an amazing experience ahead of you and I am so happy you are deciding to follow your dreams! Regarding the babies, I hope that skyping you in on the birth of our little one doesn’t keep you away for longer than a year… maybe we should reconsider that idea 😉 xoxo

  10. WOOHOO!!! So awesome that you two made the decision to do this. As you know, my wife and I did the same thing a few years back, and it was HANDS DOWN the best decision we ever made. Since we are both now home, I will definitely be living vicariously through you. Have so much fun and enjoy every minute cause this year will go by fast!

  11. Dear Anna, dear Johnny,
    We follow your trip as often as we can , we think every day to you .If we don’t write every time we would it’s due to a very busy period since your departure;We thank you very much for the great comment on trip advisor;We were confuse to read the so eulogistic comments on tour rest at home.(please excuse my bad english)
    Be sure we were very sad to leave you at the station and very quiet during the trip we join our friends
    You are so nice so every body meet you love you.
    We wish you a lot of many beatiful thinks , a lot of good glasses of french wine , many cheese and so one
    many kisses from Yves and Claudine (remenber the first guest house)

    • Yves & Claudine, thank you so much for your lovely note!! We miss you and were very sad to leave as well. We think of you often and hope that we can return to Dinan one day, or that you can come visit us in California!! We think you would like it:)!! Keep in touch!!

  12. I’m amazed. You amaze me, Johnny, maybe. Congrats and have a blast…and feel free to come babysit Naomi for practice when you get back home.

  13. Oh man… the croatia and slovenia pics brought back so many memories. That long train all the way down croatia to dibrovnic. Most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Miss you guys so much. Sending much Love… Jay

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