The World Tour

Our adventure begins when we land in Dinard, France on May 24, 2011.  From there, we’ll be making our way across Europe, down to South Africa, over to Southeast Asia, down to Australia, over to New Zealand, up to Indonesia and finally back home to California.  Depending on how we’re doing on our budget, our level of homesickness and Phish tour date announcements, we’ll probably be on the road anywhere from 10-12 months…if not indefinitely.

Below are the countries and cities we are planning on visiting, in order, and the time period we think we may be in each.  We’ve pre-booked some stuff like our farm and winery workstays and longer international flights, but the itinerary is largely up in the air.  If you have any travel tips or suggestions (read: free places to crash) for any of our stops, let us know.  Better yet, come visit!

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Europe – 5 months
France – late May to early July
Spain – mid July
Portugal – late July to early August
Northern Italy – early to mid August
Slovenia/Croatia – late August to mid September
Southern Italy – mid September to mid October
Turkey – mid October

South Africa – 1 month
Cape Town to Johannesburg – late October to late November

Southeast Asia – 2.5 months
Cambodia – late November
Vietnam – early to late December
Laos – late December to early January
Northern Thailand – early January
Southern Thailand – mid to late January

Australia and New Zealand – 2 months
Melbourne – early February
New Zealand – mid February to late March
Sydney – early April

Indonesia – 1 month
Bali and Lombok – early April to early May


3 Comments to “The World Tour”

  1. Lemme know if you need a place to stay in Italy – I have family in both the north (near Milan) and in the south in Sicily.

  2. If you make it to London, give my sister a call. She would love to have you stay with her!

  3. Hi Anna! I leave for Italy tomorrow, Sarah mentioned you might be in Italy when I get there. I am in Chianti for a month; I have family in the Venento region and near the Cinque Terre. So if you need more peeps in Italia let me know! Wish I could make it to Portugal!!

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