Bon Voyage

by Anna

We’ve had a busy week packing up the rest of our house, vacuuming up dust bunnies, attempting to squeeze all of our worldly possessions into a storage unit, cooking our final favorite meals (namely, home-made pizza and crockpot chicken tacos), getting our last round of shots, stocking up on travel essentials at the REI annual sale and saying goodbye to family and friends. It has been a whirlwind, and it is hard to believe that we depart tomorrow for France!

Awesome REI Grab Bag from my Quiksilver pals

Hand-made card "ala Catlin"

Duffy with Cam and Josh

Post duffy cruise with my parents, Marisa, Brian, Chris, Jerry & Oahu

Lunch with Moonie

Breakfast with the Sherwoods


Hepatitis Free!

Farewell Mini C.:(

Dominating the REI sale

Dominating our storage unit

Dominating our Farewell cake

Bon Voyage BBQ

The best carrot cake EVER!

The essential gift. Tommy thinks of EVERYTHING!

Lindsay's B-day!

Goodbye little house. We will miss you.

Alternative blog name:)


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