A Home Away From Home In Uzes

by Johnny

We said “au revoir” to Anna’s parents in Avignon and took a 45 minute bus to Uzès, a town known for, well, nothing really.  But that was exactly the point…one last week relaxing in the south of France before heading to our first farmstay.  Uzès is in the Languedoc region of France, which gives it extra cool points because that’s the name of the guy who makes Trey’s guitars.  We spent our days casually strolling around town, getting to know the workers at the local boulangeries and boucheries, going on hikes and bike rides, cooking in our apartment, and reading our books.  Here are some of the highlights from a great week:

On Tuesday we loaded up our packs and headed out for a day hike.  Uzès has a beautiful lookout point with forest views as far as the eyes can see, and we spotted a couple trails that looked like they’d be good for a stroll.  After making a couple wrong turns and clearing some brush with my trusty Swiss Army knife, Anna finally found the trail.  We hiked up and up and were finally rewarded with some great views of Uzès.

Johnny looking for some hiking trails Local wildlife
View back to Uzès

Uzès has a market day on Wednesday where tons of local vendors come to sell their goodies in the town’s main square, Place Aux Herbes.  We got up early to rub elbows with the locals and get our groceries for the next couple of days.  We visited the fruit guy, the veggie guy, the olive guy, the wine girl, the egg guy, the fish guy and the cheese guy.  Oh, and we picked up our daily baguette from the boulangerie located right downstairs from our apartment.  We actually share a stairwell with the bakery, and the smell of fresh baked pastries coming into our apartment all day long is heavenly and torturous at the same time.  We feasted for the rest of the week on all our market grub!

Anna in serious concentration mode Picking out our fish
Super heady eggs Market entertainment
Lunch is served (prosciutto, blue cheese, local goat cheese, cherries, olives, baguette)
Dinner is served (local lettuce, salmon with olive oil and lemon, white asparagus, rice, organic rosé wine)

On Friday we took a quick bus ride to one of the region’s most historic sites, the Pont du Gard, an ancient aqueduct bridge built by the Romans in the 1st century A.D.  The bridge provided an excellent backdrop for another picnic, some reading and a nap (all this cheese eating and wine drinking has been exhausting).

We had an amazing time in Uzès, and we both agree that we would definitely love to come back one day.  Here are a couple more scenes from a great week:

Hi there! Pre-dinner photo shoot in the apartment
Anna with some afternoon rosé in the apartment
Place Aux Herbes at dusk On top of the King’s Tower
Our favorite salad at Les Terriors (artichoke hearts, tapenade, tomatoes, jambon-wrapped goat cheese, lettuce, olives)

A little video to show the ambiance at a great restaurant we ate at, Le Bec a Vin:

Tomorrow we’re off to Couiza for three weeks for our first farmstay.  We can’t wait to meet our hosts, check out our new digs and get to work!  Oh, and Anna wrote her first of many guest blog entries for Quiksilver.  Check it out here.


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