by Johnny

After another long bus->train->bus->bus->walk travel day, we made it to Bled, Slovenia.  Truth be told, we weren’t really feeling this place at first.  We were beat from a long travel day, our apartment looked like a hospital room and part of the town looks like it’s stuck in the ’70s.  But now, after five days here, we’re going to be sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place and its super friendly people.

After finding the first Mexican food we’ve seen since we’ve left (I don’t care that we paid €9 for chips and salsa…it was amazing) and getting a much needed good night’s rest, we woke up in much better spirits.  I mean, how can you not feel good when you’re celebrating your second wedding anniversary with the love of your life?!  We set off to check out the area determined to make the most of our special day.  Like Anna mentioned in our last post, that included a long walk around Lake Bled, a visit to a Picasso and Slovenian Impressionism exhibit and some dinner at Oštarija Peglez’n.

Anna’s lucky to be married to such a cultured individual Walking around Lake Bled
Our view from dinner at Oštarija Peglez’n Some of Bled’s famous Kremna Rezina cake for dessert
Nightcap with our bottle of Amarone wine from Verona…Happy Anniversary to us!

On one of our days here we rented a rowboat for the afternoon. This made two things very clear: 1) Lake Bled and it’s surroundings are absolutely breathtaking, and 2) I am extremely out of shape. We packed up some bread, fruit, cheese and two of Slovenia’s finest canned brews and slowly but surely made our way to Bled Island in the middle of the lake. Our highlight of the day was docking our boat just in time to witness an Italian fisherman in Speedos reel in a gigantic lake monster. He brought the beast on land, posed for a couple pictures and then let it go back into the lake, garnering a standing ovation from a tour boat full of Asian women. Only in Slovenia…

Huffin’ and puffin’ Just chillin’ while Johnny gives himself a hernia
We’re on a boat!
Catch… …and realease
Rowboats with Bled Castle in the background

Another highlight was renting bikes and riding to the nearby Vintgar Gorge, a stunning 1.6 kilometer long ravine through which the Radovna River flows. You can walk through the ravine on a series of paths and bridges carved into the rock. Super cool.

Riding through the Slovenian countryside Watch out for cows
Vintgar Gorge
Navigating the wooden paths Walkway built into the ravine
Vintgar Gorge No day is complete without a Euro dude in a Speedo

Other than that, we had a really relaxing time in Bled.  We took walks and bike rides around the lake, went for a couple dips and just lazed around admiring the landscape.  I think it’s definitely the most physically beautiful place we’ve been so far.  Here are some more snapshots from an amazing place…

Am I in a postcard?
So graceful Weeeeeeee!
Hi Anna! Hi Johnny!

6 Responses to “Bled-Head”

  1. Where’s your speedo, Johnny?!?!?

  2. Happy 2 Year Anniversary you two!! For some reason, I thought that you were celebrating your anniversary in Venice? I think Slovenia looks like an even more beautiful and memorable place to celebrate your 2 years of married bliss! Johnny, I loved your comment about “how can you not feel good when you’re celebrating your second wedding anniversary with the love of your life?!”…melted my heart!! I am keeping a “Honeymoon” folder in my Gmail and this post is going in there along with many other of your posts as a possible contender for our honeymoon:) xoxo

  3. Johnny and Anna! Wishing you a very happy anniversary! What an adventure! Keep the updates coming…they are always fun, entertaining and educational 🙂 Cheers to you both on your 2nd year of wedded bliss. You’ve got the adventure thing nailed! love always, – aunt joni

    • Thanks Aunt Joni! We’re glad you like reading our blog. The pictures from Mallory’s wedding looked amazing…wish we could have been there.

  4. I just can’t get enough of this place. It is stunning! I want to go there. Now. The Vintgar Gorge looks like heaven. Help. I am trapped in the Bronx. I will climb in your suitcase and wiggle my way between your packing cubes and your headlamps.


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