PADI, Thailand Style

by Anna

We’ve spent the past three days on the beautiful island of Koh Chang getting scuba certified! We can owe the decision to get certified to my brother who bought us lessons last Christmas through Sport Chalet in anticipation of he and his girlfriend meeting up with us in Thailand this coming January. They love to dive and wanted to be able to take advantage of Thailand’s infamous diving with us. With work and a tight schedule leading up to our trip, we realized we weren’t going to be able to fit in the scuba classes at home (plus we weren’t very excited about taking our first dives in the freezing cold ocean at home in February!), so we opted to get certified once we arrived to Thailand through BB Divers. What a great decision that turned out to be!! Not only did we have the most awesome instructor of all time, Patrick, who exemplifies the lifestyle around here…(he came here 8 years ago from Holland on vacation and never left and told us that ‘he doesn’t make tons of money, but that he loves what he does and loves his life’ – a simply perfect outlook if you ask me); we also had the most fun dive crew, the most beautiful backdrop and crystal clear, warm water.

The PADI Open Water Certification course took three days. We spent our first day watching informational DVDs, taking written tests (we passed, phew!) and practicing skills in the pool. The next two days were spent on a boat diving around islands in Koh Rang National Marine Park and other amazing spots. With 20 meters of visibility on most of our dives we were able to see unbelievable underwater worlds in all their glory and were even lucky enough to spend some quality time with a giant green sea turtle who was most likely 70 years old! Johnny and I relished the whole experience and couldn’t believe how much we loved diving. Swimming among giant schools of glowing fish, being surrounded by other-worldly masses of coral and floating in peaceful silence at the bottom of the sea are truly special experiences.

Boarding the original Thai fishing boat adapted for diving
Garlands tied to the bow of the boat to honor water spirits for good luck and protection
Dive Master Wee checking out the water Scuba gear ready to go
Islands dotting the turquoise waters
After our final dive with Patrick

7 Responses to “PADI, Thailand Style”

  1. We missed you at Thanksgiving! i know that was five days ago but the tears are still flowing. Your Thailand photos are incredible and the blue water is nearly as beautiful as my eyes. Just kidding. Not even a fair comparison; my eyes are green.

    Hard to believe you two have been gone 6 months. Each country seems to be better than the last which I can’t really comprehend.

    Stay safe! Oh, and if you can hold up a sign with my name on it in one of your next incredible photos, like a “We love Sarah Barker” sign, that would be much appreciated. ❤

    • Ginger! You are right about each country continuing to amaze and outdo the last…makes us never want to stop! Will work on the signage;) Miss you! xoxo

  2. I can’t wait for my sign! I’ll feel so special, even though I’m forcing you to do it! 😉 Go Thailand!

  3. A little behind on my reading…I read to relish! You guys loved the diving experience.


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