Lazy Days On Koh Chang

by Johnny

Anna and I weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the laid back vibe of Koh Chang just yet. After a fantastic week-long stay at Little Eden on Lonely beach, we moved about 15 minutes up the road to the village of Klong Prao, and unless you want to hear stories of us drinking fruit smoothies, laying on the beach, reading books and watching sunsets, there really isn’t much to blog about.

I do, however, have to mention our accommodation, Baan Rim Nam. It was definitely one of our favorite spots so far. First of all, the helpful owner Ian (who has an awesome Golden Retriever named Santa) has the type of back story I daydream about after a few Chang beers on the beach. After growing tired of life as a banker in the U.K., he moved to Israel for a year.  After that, he made his way to India and rode his bike for another year throughout India and Burma before finally reaching Thailand. With a flight home and only $100 in his pocket, he opted to stay in Thailand and has been here ever since.

Baan Rim Nam (“house on the water”) isn’t just a clever name; the three bedrooms and two communal decks are built on stilts over the Klong Prao river estuary leading out to the beach. It’s a little off the beaten path (about a 20 minute walk from the main road plus a final crossing of wooden planks above a mangrove), but its setting is worth the extra effort. To get to the beach, we would either have to walk a couple minutes down a dirt path through a grove of palm trees (not-so-fun fact; falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide per year) or paddle down the estuary in one of Ian’s kayaks. Our typical day at Baan Rim Nam would be: wake up, kayak across the estuary for some coffee, walk to the beach, swim, get some lunch, read on the deck, kayak across the estuary for a cheap massage, walk to the beach to see the sunset, walk to town for some dinner and finally relax on the deck watching the local villagers row by. Not bad, eh?

View from the deck at dusk
View back up the estuary from from the deck
Tying up the kayak after a serious paddle Hanging out on the deck’s comfy hammock
Ian and Santa action photo Santa fetching some coconuts
Local villagers passing by Old fishing boats in the estuary
Our evening commute home from the beach
Mandatory scooter ride Might have to join Coconut Shake-aholics Anonymous soon
One of many beautiful sunsets on Koh Chang
Taking in the view

5 Responses to “Lazy Days On Koh Chang”

  1. The final picture is the BEST picture ever! Although from the back, Johnny looks like Rupert Boneham from Survivor Season Pearl Islands. I’m super impressed you’ve stuck to your guns!

  2. Finally had a chance to catch up on your blog! OMG!!!! South Africa looked AMAZING…and Thailand is breathtaking!! Looks like you two are having the time of your life, I so wish we could come out there and traveling with you :).
    Brian and I are going to make our italian cooking class meal for Christmas Eve and tested it last weekend for the first time! It turned out great! Keep up the wonderful blogging, it’s such a fun treat to read and live vicariously through you.


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