Me Love You Luang Time

by Johnny

Can you tell that we love Luang Prabang?  To us, it’s the most perfect Southeast Asian spot.  It combines everything we’ve enjoyed about the other places we’ve visited in the region in one beautiful riverside town.  It’s got the laid-back vibe of Koh Chang, the friendly locals of Siem Reap, the charm of Hoi An, and the French influence and tasty grub of Hanoi.  Here are some more scenes from a great couple of weeks.

Seeing the Haw Pha Bang in the afternoon sunlight never got old
Feeling enlightened in Luang Prabang
Day trip to the Kouang Si waterfalls
The view from Old Bridge The view towards Mount Phousi
Lost in translation?
Our favorite meal at Phakdee (fried noodles with chicken, spicy Lao chicken salad and sticky rice)
Our room at Villa Chitdara 2 Our room at Villa Champa
The beach where we would watch many beautiful sunsets over the Mekong
Sunset boat ride on the Mekong
Making friends with the locals
Luang Prabang blessed us with many beautiful sunsets over the Mekong

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  1. You’re making me hungry!


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