A Tribute to Big Red

by Anna

Well, when we first laid eyes on Big Red, aka “Big Bad Red,” aka “BR,” we weren’t too sure about him…he was dirty, his floors were coming off and he had wires dangling from under his hood (we later discovered this was BR’s antennae). Our relationship was off to a rocky start. But as BR trustily led us down windy tracks, past vineyards, sheep, mountains, lakes, more sheep, glaciers and oceans, our love for BR began to grow. We’d cheer him on as he sputtered his way up steep hills, and we’d breathe a sigh of relief when he’d make it through off-road style dirt roads. By the end of 4 weeks our emotional attachment to BR was strong, bordering on true love. Johnny and I had to bid ado to BR in Nelson…it was sad, but we had a good ride.

Check out some glamor shots of Big Red below and an overview of the adventure he led us on through the South Island!


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