Beautiful Beginnings In Portugal

by Anna

Johnny and I had big smiles on our faces when we finally arrived to Salema, Portugal on Wednesday after a 4 1/2 hour bus ride to Lagos followed by a 20 minute taxi ride. As we rounded the bend in our taxi to Salema, we were greeted by sparkling turquoise waters, whitewashed houses tucked on the side of a hill and our B&B, A Maré, perched on the edge of a cliff with an amazing view of the beach and tiny village below that consisted of a few restaurants, a couple tiny bars and one mini-market.

Our B&B, A Maré Salema’s main drag
Chillaxin at our B&B It’s always happy hour somewhere in the world!

At its core Salema is a fishing village, and weathered fishing boats with a lot of character sit along the beach and are towed in and out of the water by a small red tractor. Salema has caught on in popularity as a European tourist destination, and now has newer condos built into the hillside and menus translated into English and German at every restaurant, but the town still retains its salty charm, and its beautiful crystal clear waters and colorful rocky cliffs could not be beat. No to mention, every meal we had here was  delicious! We tried to eat all locally caught fish and prawns, and we were not disappointed! We’ve also decided that we’ve become pros at eating the “whole fish,” leaving nothing but bones (we’ve even been eating the cheeks!).

Fishing boat heading out to sea

Aside from eating seafood, lying on the beach and swimming in the chilly Atlantic (Johnny’s first time in this ocean!), we took an awesome hike to a small secluded beach that was absolutely stunning. The sea had carved a cave in the rocks and you could see where other huge chunks of rock had fallen from the cliffs to make a visually impactful backdrop. The best part was that we had the whole walk and beach to ourselves, never passing another soul.

View from our hike
Trail down to the beach Taking in the view

I tried to video the beach, because it was so amazing, but I still don’t think it does it justice (excuse my shaky camera work!).

Today we are BEYOND excited because we are packing up and heading to Lisbon to meet up with Gustavo (aka: Goose) and Sarah. Goose has already been in Portugal for the past week, visiting his family, and Sarah flies in on Saturday morning. We are putting our trip in Goose’s hands for the next nine days, and he’s already been hinting at wine and port tastings, fútbol matches, BBQs, golf, octopus and lots of Super Bock!

Ready for some Super Bock (Goose’s favorite beer)!

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